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Matt BowdenHaving worked as a location manager in the Television and Film industry, with over 15 years experience, photography has always been an integral part of my life and career. Seeking out the perfect location which will enable the directors creative vision to become a reality is hugely rewarding, and an essential element of the final production. Whilst mostly overlooked by those unaware of the process, it is the still image initially captured by the location manager when scouting that ultimately forms the backdrop of the final scene as seen on the big screen or TV. A director will only pursue a location in which to film based on a very fleeting and impulsive response to this initial image, so it is vital the capture effectively demonstrates the locations creative potential

I have found this aspect of the multifaceted job to be the most fulfilling, allowing me to develop a greater understanding of composition, light, and the connection of subject and environment as a means of story telling. An overview of projects I’ve been involved in over my career can been viewed here

For a long time my primary pursuit outside of work was the natural world, photographing the wealth of landscapes and wildlife my home county of Yorkshire has to offer. I find the tranquility, isolation and clarity this provides to be a perfect remedy for the chaotic and often intense lifestyle most of us find ourselves engulfed in. To stare deep into the eyes of a tawny owl (albeit through a lens) whilst in its natural environment is truly magical, and something I will never forget. To capture the moment in an image enables me to relive the experience, and provides a greater level of understanding and appreciation of the subject.

Currently my focus has shifted in favour of people and portraiture, using and manipulating both natural and artificial light to convey emotion and visual effect. I find the boundless creative possibilities this offers to be fascinating, and am truly excited to see where it leads.

Please feel free to get in touch via my contact page, and thank you for taking the time to view the images in my portfolio.